Reservation System Policy

Cleanroom online tool reservation systemprovides a means to reserve time on critical cleanroom tools.

The lab manager will setup an account for users after they have completed training on the equipment. Once logged onto the system, users may reserve time only on equipment for which they have received full training.

Tools that require reservations:

  • E-beam Lithography System
  • E-beam Direct Write Lithography System
  • 3D Confocal Microscope
  • 4-Tube CVD Furnace
  • PECVD Deposition System
  • Reactive Ion Etch System
  • ICP Etch System
  • Rapid Thermal Aneal System (RTA)
  • Suss Mask Aligner
  • Quintel Mask Aligner
  • Matrix Plasma Asher
  • E-beam Evaporator
  • Sputter Evaporator
  • Thermal Evaporator
  • Focused Ion Beam (See FIB Engineer)
  • Ellipsometer
  • Dektak Profilometer

Reservation Policy

  1. Reservations are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. If machine time is not available for an extended period, consult the Lab Manager. Conflicts will be resolved on the basis of priority: DoD-funded projects will have precedence over all other funding sources (DoDGARS 32.34). Project time constraints and deadlines may be considered, particularly as they relate to DoD contracts. Super-users may have priority over standard users. Every effort will be made to accommodate UCR users who will have priority over non-UCR academic users.
  2. Do not make a reservation that you cannot fully utilize as this denies others access to the equipment. Be Courteous!
  3. Cancel your reservation as soon as you know that you can not keep it, if possible no less than 24hrs ahead of time.
  4. You may be charged for no-shows or reservations that are not canceled before the scheduled time at the discretion of the Lab Manager.
  5. Maximum length of a reservation is 4hrs without prior approval
  6. Reservation may be made up to 7 days in advance.
  7. Please try to accommodate others by allowing prime time slots to be fairly distributed among users.


Reservation Procedure

Once you have been trained on a tool that requires a reservation, your trainer (Engineer or Super-user) must request that the lab manager allows your account access to that specific tool.

Make a Reservation

  • Click on the Tool Set tab
  • Click on Cleanroom Tool Reservation System
  • This will bring you to the logon page with today's calendar.
  • Click the Log On button and use your username from the email and your new password.
  • Once logged on, you may make a reservation by clicking the drop down arrows and highlighting the requested tool and reservation time.
  • Your name will appear in the time slot next by the tool when your reservation is complete.
  • Use the calendar on the right of the screen to select a different day.
  • Come back to the same screen when you need to cancel a reservation.