Lab Usage Fees


2019 Cleanroom User Fees

The UC Riverside Cleanroom is open to UC Riverside students, faculty and principal investigators, as well as non-UC Riverside researchers, on a fee for usage basis. Safety and equipment training is provided by lab management at no additional cost. The facility is open 7 days a week from 24hrs per day, although it should be noted that users may not work alone.

Users are charged a standard lab usage fee, which allows the use of microscopes, fume hoods, dry etching and wet chemical processing. More complicated equipment, such as metal evaporators, CVD furnace, and E-beam lithography requires specialized training and an additional usage fee. Invoicing is on a monthly basis.

Clean room supplies and safety equipment are provided, but users are asked to furnish their own substrates and any unique labware. Deposition sources currently available include aluminum, titanium, nickel, chrome, gold and platinum.

The lab usage fees cover the cost of the repairs and maintenance of the tools that do not have surcharges and cover the MA-6 mask aligner, Q4000 mask aligner, resist spin station, characterization tools and microscopes, spinners, wet benches, CPK chemical spinner, dry etch tools, asher and wire bonder. The surcharges are applied in addition to the standard lab usage fee.

The standard lab usage fees also cover the cost of cleanroom staff time and some materials used in the lab (cleanroom suits, gloves, booties, hair nets, bulk nitrogen, hazardous waste pickup, some acids, and cleanroom janitorial services)

Hourly Service Fee

Internal UCR

External Academic

External Non-Academic

General Lab Use




Equipment Hourly Surcharge Fees: (In addition to General Lab use fee)




FIB (Including Engineer)




E-beam Lithography




Ebeam Lithography(Direct Write)




CVD Furnace




E-beam Evaporator




Sputter Deposition




Thermal Evaporator