Cleanroom Policy


The Cleanroom facility occupies about 2,000 sq. ft. of class 100/1000 clean space and is located on the first floor of Bourns Hall. The room contains state of the art tools, many of which make use of highly toxic chemicals and gases. Thus in order to enter and use the clean room all users are required to be thoroughly trained on the equipment and to be knowledgeable of the processes and procedures for safe handling of the equipment, gases and solvents. No one may use the cleanroom alone – all users must be accompanied by a coworker or staff member.

New users must attend the Mandatory Orientation session before entering the cleanroom or using equipment. At the moment orientation sessions are offered on an as needed basis but a schedule will be posted when it becomes necessary.

Each User must take a safety test and will be taken on a walk through before being allowed to use the equipment. The safety test covers topics that can be found in the lab usage guide and the walk through is intended to familiarize users with the facility layout, evacuation routes and safety procedures. There is an hourly fee for using the lab (calculated to the minute), and your charging information must be verified prior to usage of the lab.

If at any point you wish to change your charging information, please notify the staff immediately so that charges can be assigned to the proper account. You will also have to fill out a new Lab Use Verification form.

Industrial Customers Please contact the lab manager so that we can determine whether our facility can meet your needs. We will need to understand the scope of the project, to gather charging information, and you will be required to sign a liability waiver for each user.